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Spa Services

Relax. Rejuvenate. Escape.

Products used and retailed: Jan Marini Skin Research and Eminence Organic of Hungary.


    A noninvasive gentle pressure massage on the head, scalp, neck to relieve the stress caused by compression.

    • $30 min $55
  • Couples Treat

    Two Refresh Facials

    Two 1hr Swedish Massages

    • $340
  • Desert Rose

    1hr Hydro Facial
    1hr Swedish Massage
    Hand & Foot Exfoliating Treatment

    • $260
  • Shimmering Genie

    Full Body Salt/ Sugar Glow Exfoliation
    1hr Swedish Massage

    • $240
  • Prenatal Oasis

    Organic Prenatal Facial
    1hr Prenatal Massage

    • $225
  • Mediterranean Escape

    Refresh Facial & Eye Revitalizing Treatment
    90min Hot Stone Massage

    • $290
  • Healing Retreat

    1hr Hydro Facial
    1hr Swedish Massage

    • $195
  • Tinting

    Lash and Eyebrow tint 100% vegetable dye

    • $40Eyelash
    • $20Eyebrow
  • Ear Candling

    Ear Candling are believed to help relieve ear ache pain, provide relief from pressure in the sinuses, & allow the ear to naturally push out the old ear wax.

    • $85 (both ears)45 minutes
  • Waxing/Hair Removal

    Full face: $50
    Eye brow design: $30
    Eye brow maintenance: $20+
    Upper lip: $15
    Half arm: $40
    Full arm: $50
    Under arm: $35
    Chest: $50+
    Stomach: $50+
    Back: $50+
    Bikini: $45
    Extended bikini: $55
    Brazilian first time: $85
    Brazilian maintenance: $75
    Half legs: $50
    Full legs: $100


    • Hand & Foot Exfoliating Treatment

      This rejuvenating and nurturing hand & foot treatment uses a custom Facial-like exfoliating blend, and refreshing mask followed by a hydrating massage leaving hands and feet soft and refreshed.

      • $6545 minutes
    • Foot Reflexology

      Your feet are a map of your body. This is a foot massage that will induce profound relaxation, reduce local and overall body stress promoting renewed energy.

      • $5030 minutes
    • Back Facial

      Dedicated to the purification and cleansing of the back. This treatment includes steam, deep pore cleansing, a thorough exfoliation, and a detoxifying mask. Clearing Treatment!

      • $11555 minutes
    • Full Body Sugar Glow

      Custom blends of Body Exfoliations, Detoxifying Mud, Organic sea Salt, Essential Oils, Apricot Seeds, or a luxurious Detoxifying Chocolate or lavender will be used to polish away layers of dead cells, giving peace and relaxation to the body, mind and soul. Finally a moisturizing/hydrating lotion will be applied with a light massage leaving your skin rejuvenated and glowing.

      • $15590 minutes
    • 24Karat Gold/Collagen Facial

      Gentle, but highly effective, Anti-aging 24 K Gold Collagen Mask penetrates quickly and deeply into the skin layers and boosts rejuvenation on the cellular level. It delivers its nutrients deep below the skin, fighting the underlying causes of facial wrinkles and aging skin. Not only does it help reduce the appearance of existing signs of aging, but also helps prevent future wrinkles from forming and restores a healthy, radiant complexion.

      • $14560 minutes
    • Tropical Oasis Facial

      This pampering, yet effective, hydrating, moisture rich, designed for your exact complexion, treats you from head to toe. It includes cleansing papaya enzyme,an aromatic blend of essential oil brings relaxation to the body and soul. Massage, moisturizing hand and foot treatment, and a customized mask and a lip and eye balm. Royal treatment!!

      • $17580 minutes
    • Hylauronic Facial

      Anti-aging facial treatment Applying multiple advanced forms of Hyluronic Acid to varying depths of the skin with up to 50x greater water binding capacity & 5x longer retention than standard HA.

      Boosting collagen and Elastin with advanced peptides, tissue repair factor and Antioxidants to supercharge and revitalize the skin.


      • $14560 minutes
    • Hydro Balance Facial

      The goal of our hydro balance treatment is to restore and protect the integrity of the skin. In just one hour, your skin is visibly balanced, toned, hydrated, and infused with radiance.

      • $11060 minutes
    • Seasonal Organic Facial

      Custom blended treatment made from the Hungarian Organic fruits of the season and exotic spice serums. Perfect to nourish and balance your skin.

      • $14575 minutes
    • Acne Relief Treatment

      A deep pore cleansing treatment purify and detoxify congested and problematic skin. Enzyme exfoliation, includes extraction, oil free mask. High frequency current offers antibacterial benefits while soothing and reducing redness.

      • $11560 minutes
    • Prenatal Organic Facial

      Using pure organic ingredients a custom blended treatment will nourish and balance and hydrate your skins needs.

      • $12560 minutes
    • Refresh Facial

      Custom blended to deep cleanse and refresh your skin. It includes a facial enzyme, light massage and a hydrating mask. Great as a maintenance treatment.

      • $8535 minutes
    • Chocolate Mousse Facial

      Indulge your skin in a calorie free chocolate mousse that fights the signs of aging deliciously while hydrating for skin that is left smooth and delightfully sweet.

      • $14560 minutes
    • Gentlemen’s Facial

      Organic stone crop and eucalyptus calms shaving irritations leaving the skin visibly balanced and hydrated.

      • $10060 minutes
    • Jasmine Facial

      For ages 12 and under

      • $6530 minutes
    • Microdermabrasion

      Is a painless treatment for removing the outer dead layer of skin to create new smoother younger skin. this exfoliation treatment is helpful for acne scaring, sun damaged skin, age spots, fine lines, stretch marks. The hand piece emits crystals onto the skin removes and vacuums away dead skin cells resulting in a gentle polish or abrasion.

      45 minutes

      • $175Face & Neck
    • Glycolic/Salicylic Hand Facial Peel

      Using a blend of glycolic and salicylic acids safe yet effective to treat aging skin, sun damage discoloration. It’s meant to diminish imperfections by peeling away the skin’s top dead layer, producing smoother, youthful appearing skin of more uniform color.

      • $11045 minutes
    • Glycolic/Enzyme Peel

      Effective hydration moisture rich, with a combination of Anti-aging Glycolic/Salicylic, and Green Papaya Enzyme Peel, improve aging skin, sun damage, discoloration by peeling away the top dead layer, producing a uniform skin color.

      • $14560 minutes
    • Eye Revitalizing Treatment

      An Anti-aging facial for your eyes, targets fine lines, puffy dark circles. A delicate exfoliation lifts away dead cells, a healing mask sooth the delicate eye area, a lymphatic and pressure point massage relieving pressure.

      • $5530 minutes

      Custom blended Anti-aging facial treatment to fit your unique skin needs.

      • $14560
    • Lightening Treatment

      For overly pigmented facial areas that may occur due to Melasma, accumulative sun exposure and ethnicity, these are some of the most common and difficult to treat conditions. This treatment is a remarkable new composition that brightens and encourages the uniform appearance of uneven stubborn facial discoloration.

      • $14560 minutes
    • Swedish Massage

      This soothing massage is geared toward relieving everyday stress and tension, it adds freedom to physical movement.

      • $8560 minutes
      • $12590 minutes
    • Deep Tissue Massage

      For firm pressure to relieve the most chronic muscular tension, focusing on eliminating built up pressure and sore muscles.

      • $10060 minutes
      • $14590 minutes
    • De-stress Massage

      Using firm pressure on the neck and shoulders this massage will help melt away all the stress and tension.

      • $10060 minutes
      • $14590 minutes
    • Hot Stone Massage

      This mystical treatment can balance, relax and soothe the nervous system. Described as the blending of energy from the earth, fire, water, and air. Experience to soothe the body and soul.

      • $15090 minutes
    • Pre-natal Massage

      A massage for Mommies to be! We use organic oils & lotions, comfortable tables and plush pillows. Let us pamper you and your baby!

      • $10060 minutes

      Organic Hungarian Yam/ Pumpkin Enzyme Peel and Pumpkin Latte Masque.

      • $14555 minutes
    • Hand Massage

      • $3020 minutes
    • Combo

      Combine Swedish & Deep Tissue

      • $9560 minutes
      • $13590 minutes
    • UltraSonic/LED Photon treatment

      Exposing LED light technology to the skin surface activates the skin’s photoreceptors to absorb its energy accelerating cell biochemical circulation and cell membrane reproduction. Stimulating Collagen & Elastin.

      • $14560
    • LED/Acne treatment

      Specific wavelengths of blue light target the strain of bacteria that plays a pivotal role in causing acne for many people. The light causes the development of oxygen radicals that kill P. acne bacteria without drying or damaging healthy skin.

      • $11560 minutes
    • Micro-Current Bio Face Lift

      Micro-Current is low level current that mimics the body’s natural electrical currents, triggering chemical reactions at a cellular level to enhance the production of natural collagen and elastin. Visibly firming, contouring, tightening and lifting the overall droop and sagging jowls.

      • $17560 minutes
    • Diamond Peel

      A unique Anti-aging facial Dermabrasion technique using Diamond tip technology to smooth away fine lines, refine pore size and minimize skin imperfections.

      • $15550 minutes
    • Retinol/Refine Peel

      Jan Marini Refine Peel is designed for individuals of all skin types. The unique combination of acids found in the Refine Peel allow for maximum efficacy without significant downtime. Retinol, peptides and antioxidants enhance efficacy and overall results.

      • $17545 minutes